The IMET Group

Creating raw materials
resilience by helping
to develop sustainable
circular economies.

The IMET Group is a hi-tech metals group leading the development of critical closed-loop supply chains that support sustainable and ethical economic growth and are the foundations of a circular economy.

Through our research and development and materials management, recovery and reuse programs, we create raw materials resilience and reduce the environmental impact of mining. We work to reduce dependence on the newly mined hi-tech metal ores that are essential to the aerospace, electric vehicle and battery storage industries.

IMET Alloys

IMET Alloys, at the heart of the IMET Group, manages and processes titanium and superalloys, including next-generation alloys. Our customers are in constantly evolving industries and include some of the world's leading aerospace and energy companies. We're also an approved supplier to the world's major titanium and superalloy mills and work directly with them and throughout the manufacturing supply chains that use their products.

Our programs create closed-loop supply chains that give our customers total control of a sustainable materials flow. Everything we do is designed to help our customers reduce their raw materials costs, maximize the value of their critical materials, maintain their competitive advantage, and reduce their impact on the environment.

Albamet Ltd

Albamet is the group's battery recycling division. It focuses on closed-loop recycling of the latest generation of lithium-ion batteries, which are rich in nickel and cobalt.


IMET Tech is the group's R&D division. It develops next-generation cleaning technologies to support Albamet and IMET Alloys. Working closely with universities through knowledge transfer partnerships, IMET Tech bridges the gap between theoretical and laboratory-based technology developments and their commercially viable application in industry.